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Need to stick to a budget or more flexibility?

Flexible budget options

We value flexibility. The more flexible we are, the better we can adapt to the needs of a project, customer or situation, and the more value we can add. We can work as a standalone team taking total responsibility for a project, as developers supplementing your existing team or anything in between.

  • Fixed Price: No-one likes nasty surprises so a fixed price project helps you plan your cash flow and know in advance what you're going to get for your investment. The fixed price approach helps focus everyone on agreeing to the specific details of a project from the beginning.
  • Time Used: When your requirement is likely to be a bit more fluid or when you have the internal skills and time to actively participate on a project, it may be that a Time Used basis is more appropriate. In other words you only pay for the time actually spent, giving you the flexibility to start and stop the clock whenever you like.
  • Large Project Stages: Larger projects can be developed as a series of smaller self contained stages, spreading development costs. A fixed price or a time used model can be chosen for each stage depending on the requirements of that stage of development.
  • Monthly Retainer: We can also supply a monthly allocation of time and materials resources for you to utilize as needed. You can use the resources as you please, to add new features, support your users, improve your documentation, and so on. This model is flexible and can accommodate your changing needs.
  • Novel: We are always open to offers by considering other means of agreeing commercial terms, for instance through a partnership arrangement or royalty payment scheme. The important thing is to create a win-win situation so why not try us and see if, between us, we can come up with something new and mutually beneficial?


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