Optimize eBay Processing through Automation with Gamut

Order Management (Base Subscription)

  • Seamless integration with existing eBay accounts, eBay sales since the last refresh are imported with the click of a button.
  • Manage sales transactions from initial sale to shipment.
  • Filter orders by status for quickly targeting groups of orders (e.g. orders shipped but missing tracking in eBay).
  • Pulls in tracking numbers provided by eBay and PayPal shipping as well as allows user to manually add tracking and push to eBay when needed.
  • When used with Inventory add-on allows for syncing inventory price / quantity with the eBay transaction via a single click (e.g. adjust stock count and assign wholesale cost of item to the transaction for profit and weight calculations.
  • Notification when transaction results in negative profit.
  • When used with Inventory add-on, notification when stock counts are approaching zero, are zero, or item has been discontinued.
  • Ability to manually create orders for non EBay sales.

PayPal Payment Linker

  • Automatically links PayPal payments with imported eBay orders.
  • Automatically detects multiple payments from a single buyer and merges orders into one combined order for shipping when possible.
  • Includes any comments in the PayPal payment left by the customer in the order manager comments section.
  • Manually link payments with orders when automation can't determine for certain that an order and payment should be linked.
  • View PayPal shipping details.

Print Management

  • Note: Must have a basic paid subscription through Stamps.com or Endicia to purchase postage through Gamut.
  • Purchase one or hundreds of shipping labels at a time.
  • Print USPS domestic shipping labels for First Class, Priority, Priority Mail Express, Parcel Select, or Media Mail
  • Print USPS International labels, including custom forms, for first class, priority, and express mail.
  • Provide a USPS SCAN form for bulk package processing by USPS.
  • Print the item sku, description, location and any order comments on the back of your printed label for easy packing (must have duplex printing capabilities).

Inventory Management

  • Manage distributors, stock counts, pricing, skus, and more via an easy to use interface.
  • Connect inventory with sales transactions allowing for easier management of stock quantities.
  • Predictive ordering assistant which uses recent sales history trends to help user decide how much they need to restock of any given item based on their purchasing frequency.
  • Generation of reports that show where your items are listed, which listings may need to be taken down or adjusted based on quantity in stock, and which items aren't listed at all.
  • Sync EBay Listing quantities with current inventory.

Financial Snapshot

  • Sales summary.
  • Items trending.
  • Financial snapshot for customizable date range, monthly/quarterly gross and net, sales tax calculations, and more.
  • Expense management.

Multiple User Support

  • Allows for multiple eBay accounts to be integrated with system.
  • Allows for multiple PayPal accounts to be integrated with system.

Website Management

  • Seamlessly connect with user websites to manage inventory, sales, and order updates.
  • *** Website must have backend support for our API, please contact us for a quote for integration.

Manage eBay Orders Payments Inventory and Print Labels through Gamut
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